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Fire Explorers Summer Interns

Summer interns are introduced and exposed to career development and training in emergency service operations and public safety administration.  These skills are gained through program projects which are focused on communication, technology, team building, time management, and professional development. Summer interns are also introduced to the processes the PFD fire cadets go through in meeting the certification requirements to successfully complete their fire/EMT training in becoming Philadelphia Firefighters.

During the project process WorkReady Interns have:

-Observed the daily regimen of a fire/EMS cadet.

-Learned the certification process for Firefighters and EMTs

-Assisted in the certification process for Firefighter I and II, by data entry.

-Gained various career development skills such as data entry, time management, team building, project management, problem-solving, decision making, data collection and data analysis. 

Summer Intern Projects 

Check out our 2017 Summer 

Work Ready Summer Intern Project Presentation

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